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Our Healing Voice

Our Healing Voice was founded in February 2020 by Helen Louise Jones for Involuntarily Childless women to provide support and community with all the benefits of singing and chanting.

Helen has been on her Childless journey since the age of eighteen.


Childless Voices. 

A 2 year social singing project involving an 18 month official study into the effects of group singing for involuntarily childless women. Workshops to come. 


The Chanting Circle. Ongoing - Regular Sunday practice dates. (online)

Created by Helen. A somatic breathing and vocal chanting  practice. 

Gently opening up and connecting with our bodies through our natural voice. 


A non religious meditative vocal session to drums and music, including time for relaxation.The Chanting Circle experience is one of nurture rebalance and restoration.

Often emotionally shifting, The practice activates our personal sound healing tools, leading to the awareness of our own embodied sound.


Chanting is somatic. which means our actions help to shift and release stress. Traumas and trapped emotion are held deep within the tissues of our physicality. Somatic practices are recommended by therapists along side talk therapies.


It creates stability within you for your health, it offers peace of mind and energy flow. A place to return for self regulating.

Organ health and immune systems are also boosted through the resetting of the para sympathetic nervous system  We move of our survival modes , to the parasympathetic system, the rest and digest . This happens via the natural stimulation of the vagus nerve.


A deeper whole mind body experience of self nurture and calm is felt. If you have anxiety this will help you as a tool to manage it. 


'Our Healing Voice' opens 'your healing voice', your personal inbuilt sound healing, within a strong, safe, understanding and supportive friendly community sisterhood. 


We welcome women from all over the World with their many many different life experiences of involuntary childlessness. 


Helen Louise Jones. Singer and 
Founder of Our Healing Voice 

Helen Louise Jones is a singer

and the Founder of Our Healing Voice. 

Born and raised in the vibrant city of London in the UK, Helen's passion for music started at an early age. Her musical life has taken her from school choir, tap, latin and ballroom dancing, to singing jazz and gospel, big band and blues. From Goldsmiths college and clubs in London, to improvisational World music with creative musicians from around the globe. 

Singing and making music in Bombay and on the hippiest beaches of Goa. Her tones have vibrated up in the Himalayan mountains and down in the valley of Kathmandu.

It was through some of her teachers, but mostly creating live improvisational sound, that she came to understand the therapeutic healing effects, through the deeper transformative alchemy of

body, breath and voice. 


Vocal Vibration is a whole body experience, mentally and emotionally, completely self nurturing. It cleanses and rebalances me. It gives me a strength that is comforting and biologically supportive.

Our voices are meant to heal us.

Our Healing Voice is about safe space to nurture and express  using the voices.

Created vocal practices for the purpose of immersive mind body connection, a finding and freeing of our essence and sending it around us energetically and out into the World.

I like to encompasses vulnerability, strength and surrender into all my sessions. I hope I help to inspire release in the women that attend. 

My voice literally saved me in my childless grief, over and over again. Our voices hold a power to help heal us, it's ongoing. Our sound is something we're born with, to use instinctively in our lives. Societies have suppressed so many of our natural and emotional voices.


Pain and trauma leads to further silencing and a shutting down of our connective form of self expression.  Societal bullying that becomes 'our silent shame' compounds all of it. But through the gentle and constant opening of our sound, we can sing or chant and voice musically, what we cannot not always say, the powers of vocalisation are expressive and flowing  ... 


I have been a passionate advocate for involuntary childlessness since joining Gateway Women in 2013. My aim is to help to empower as many women in the Involuntarily Childless community as I can , to give them personal means of comfort and self support . To teach them how to activate their internal natural sound healing.


Chanting is a somatic and transcendent practice of embodying our own vibrational sound. It connects with and rebalances our parasympathetic nervous system through stimulation, 'toning' the vagus nerve.

Gentle our hearts

Helen Louise Jones 


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