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The Chanting Circle - December dates below

Activate your personal sound healing & vibrational voice

A regular self empowering somatic practice

Vagus nerve regulation


Calm After The Storm is now on Youtube-2_edited.jpg
I am so grateful to have met Helen and other brave women, I have had the privilege to connect with since Lockdown in the Chanting Circle. It was so good to see silent women emerge and show their beautiful compassion of understanding towards each other. We all have a voice so let us not be silent.
Tracey Hereford.
What a wonderful session Helen - I feel ready for the week ahead now! Thank you x Chrissy Bristol
What a beautiful, loving and safe space you have created, I am so looking forward to joining you next week.
Linda Bristol.
I’ve found that Helen’s chanting sessions are a gentle and subtly powerful way to calm my nervous system and go a step deeper into feeling peaceful and balanced at the end of the week.  This is a wonderful way for me to gradually release the stress of life and a beautiful way to honour and meet ourselves and the other women we are in the space with.
Jinny Brighton


Your voice . Your sound . Your vibration . Your life

Our Healing Voice was founded in 2020  by Helen Louise Jones. 

and is a safe space created to provide somatic vocal healing sessions 

for women of the involuntarily childless community.


Helen is a singer songwriter from London.  

Chants are written by Helen.

The Lyrics are healing based, flowing and non religious

During online sessions, participants sound is muted.

You will hear Helen leading the Chant, drums and music


Chant in the company of women who truly understand.

You don't have to be a singer or have sung at all.

Our Voices can help activate physical, mental and emotional healing

Physical expansion of the breath, humming and chanting, 

allows the gentle opening of the body and voice 

leading to a relaxed flow state.


Learning to open up our own internal sound healing system

creates energetic connection with our nervous system 

to help support us emotionally and mentally'




Chanting is a recognised somatic practice, using the powers of expansive breath and activated vocal sound vibration. The effects gently reset the nervous system through vagal stimulation. (toning the vagus nerve)

All somatic practices can prove emotionally releasing.

They assist in the processing of stress and trauma held in the body

and provide support to organ and immune health.

* If you are in physical shock or have a medical condition please check with your doctor


'It's your personal choice to have your camera on or off at any given time during the session. We love to have you with us regardless.

Chanting Circles for Involuntarily Childless Women are 'safe spaces'

offering sensitive self care and sisterhood to all '

                                                        ..Gentle our hearts, Helen Louise Jones

The Chanting Circle now in our 4th year
for Childless not by Choice women
Activate your voice and reset your nervous system  
Hand Drums


Circles for Chanting practice are held online each month


Circles are 90 minutes 

£12  per Chanting Circle

£36 for 4 Chanting Circles lasting 4 months.




Saturday 4th - Midday

Sunday 12th - Evening 7pm

Monday 20th - Evening 7.30pm

Saturday 25th - Midday

Sunday 26th - Evening 7pm



Monday 4th - Evening 7.30pm

Saturday 9th - Midday

Sunday 17th - Evening 7pm

Monday 18th - Evening 7.30pm

Saturday 23rd - Midday

Sunday 31st - TBC


Payment to 


Bank: Sort 09-01-34  Ac 75034481

£12  for 1 Chanting Circle

or buy 3 get one free

£36 for 4 Chanting Circles 


As we are a safe space

Circle Links are emailed to you on the day.

You pay only when you attend.

You will receive link with the chants for all circles until you have attended 4.


If you are new here. Please email me to say hello and introduce yourself. Thanks Helen x


What happens in the Circle.

You will be attending a somatic practice in a safe space. 


Together we will connect to a gradual full body of  breath, gently opening up our voices with chant and song to music. These Chants are non religious and written especially for the Circle . We finish with 10 minutes of relaxation.


Chanting is a somatic practice of resonant embodied sound, a personal sound healing session. Calm connection of your mind, body, spirit. Reset your nervous system through opening up your natural sound.

Release grief, emotion and trauma, in a safe supportive flowing space.


You can choose to be on or of camera and your sound will be muted. 

You will hear me leading the Chants to music and drums.

Gentle our minds, gentle our hearts.

With Love Helen x


Listen to our song 'Calm After the Storm' by Childless Voices. 
Help to raise awareness for involuntary childlessness

This song was written and recorded by Childless Voices as part of an official study into Involuntarily childless women singing together. The video features nearly 70 involuntary childless women, who all volunteered their photos.  

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Childless  Voices - Calm After The Storm * Raising awareness *

Childless Voices - Calm After The Storm * Raising awareness *

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Time to feel my heart is free - Helen Louise Jones. Our Healing Voice

Time to feel my heart is free - Helen Louise Jones. Our Healing Voice

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A weekend of events to explore living without children to build community, share stories, raise awareness and make connections.



Our Healing Voice 

Activate your voice and reset your nervous system. 

Healing the vagus nerve. 

Somatic self care  


The Chanting Circle is held throughout the Year  


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